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ed. rz 20005 DVD / DVD-ROM
tesla: werkstatt_klangapparate

the werkstatt_klangapparate started in autumn 2006 at tesla in berlin. in total, four artistic projects were compiled and presented over the course of a year that were concerned with historicsound devices, their artistic possibilities and their application as aninstrument, sound creator or sound object.
when does the devicebecome an instrument or the instrument a device? where does theartist`s dialogue with the machine begin? three salon conversations presented the topic, the artists and their works. two open studios and four project residencies gave the artists a platform onwhich to develop their ideas with the corresponding devices andprepare for their presentations. in doing so, the werkstatt_klangapparate followed t e s l a ' s conceptional aim of realising topicsin a networked, variable and modular manner with artists invitedto project residencies. this programmatic openness facilitated interesting insights into the concrete artistic productions that werethen presented to the public in the kubus of the podewils`schenpalais in november 2006 and june 2007.

all four performanceswere extensively documented using photography, sound and video. this dvd presents sound performances by steve roden & martin riches, thilges and frank bretschneider in sound recordingsand the video sound performance by benzo in sound and pictures.bonus material on this dvd includes clips of the video documentations of the three sound performances. also recorded is a thorough report on the entire project.

carsten seiffarth


Tesla Backcover 20005
1 talking machine [ 37:48 ]
sound performance with steve roden and martin riches

2 thilges [ 1:30 ]
trautonium sound performance with nik hummer and gammon

3 subharchord -- kippschwingung [ 41:22 ]
sound performance by and starring frank bretschneider

4 subharchord -- memory traces [ 61:17 ]
sound-video performance by and starring benzo

bonus material

5 talking machine [ 18:01 ]
extracts of the video-documentation

6 thilges trautonium [ 10:05 ]
as a guest wolfgang müller with the trautonium 2000

7 subharchord -- kippschwingung [ 20 : 35 ]
extracts of the video-documentation

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